Creative Coder

Programmers combine creative thinking and problem solving skills to build websites and applications. Creative Coder use programming languages like Scratch and Python to create games, animations and simple applications.

Designer Engineer

A designer’s job is to delight users. An engineer invents things. We combine the human-centered approach of design thinking with an understanding of the laws of physics to get kids to solve user problems by making and inventing.


Saturday Kids’ philosophy is to combine the human-centered approach of Design Thinking with the abstraction tools of Computational Thinking to help children define and solve problems. Not only should software engineers be able to decompose problems and solve them algorithmically, just as importantly they need to empathise with users to create products and services that improve the human condition.

Saturday Kids CEO John Tan is a technology investor who is a partner at two venture capital funds. Through his work in the startup ecosystem, John has put together a core team that is passionate about technology education for children, as well as a group of developer friends who provide advice on course development and inspire Saturday Kids students to consider a career in technology.

Organisations we have worked with include Google, UN Women, Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), Cognizant Digital Works, United World College, Canadian International School, Australian International School, Overseas Family School, National Library Board, Innova Junior College, Crescent Girls School and many more.

Explorer Pass

The Explorer Pass is a monthly pass which gives your child unlimited access to a selection of fun, interactive, project-based classes. Think of it as a club for curious kids who want to learn to create using technology - be it programming, electronics, product design and more! Each class is 90-120 minutes, where we encourage kids to unleash their creativity and provide them with the technology skills to bring their ideas to life digitally!

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